An Aha-Moment

One of the reasons I adore the practice of yoga, is that I am constantly learning and growing, both physically, mentally, and emotionally in my practice. I became a teacher for the “aha” moment. As a student, and teacher, it is invigorating when a pose or transition is brought to light with a different direction, new focus, or clarification.

As silly as it is, yesterday, I had an “aha” moment about paschimottanasa. I often grab for my feet, in an effort to lengthen my spine. But yesterday, thanks to an adjustment by an amazing teacher, that I was actually shortening my legs by pulling them towards me. Letting go of my feet allowed both halves of my body to lengthen evenly, using the floor as resistance to my legs and my legs as resistance to my upper body.

I am excited to share this experience with my students today, and hope I can give them an “aha” moment, or at least a, “um, yeah” moment.


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