Fall Into Balance


Balance – n. 1. a state of equilibrium; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc….. 4. mental or emotional steadisness…..7. the power or ability to decide an outcome

We attempt balance every day. We balance a checkbook, balance work and life, balance to put on a pair of pants or shoes, balance chemical equations. As children we balance on sidewalks playing with that sense of fear, a taste of vertigo. As we age, we need more help balancing, and so we engage canes, a crutch, or a friend’s arm to climb the stairs. We are young, and we fall. We are old, and we fall.

In yoga, we practice balancing on every axis of our body. We sit in Navasana and balance on the sitting bones. We stand on one leg in Warrior 3 and are parallel to the floor, and then one breath later are perpendicular in standing split. We practice handstand and crow, which both utilize the hands as feet but in differently ways. And sometimes standing in Tadasana can be the most challenging balance of all.

Rather than perfect balance being an end state to these poses, can we find it more as a center state to pass through? And perhaps, more valuable than finding our balance, is practicing the fall.


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