Restore Me Please

Perhaps there is a bad moon rising because my emotional state has been
off balance for the past few weeks. In an effort to restore balance, I
took an open/restorative class to celebrate our Presidents.
Restorative involves pulling every prop off the shelf, building towers
of support, and resting in poses, such as supta baddha konasana, for
five to ten minutes. These poses cause my husband’s eyebrows to lift a
little and wonder what yoga is really about.

On first glance, it can seem these asanas are nothing more than
glorified naps, but we don’t sleep on bolsters or blocks. These
postures are often in the truest sense a back bend, forward bend, or
even a twist and help balance the nervous system, lower blood
pressure, stimulate the immune system. For me, however, they also
invoke a sense of vulnerability and surrender that feels like a roller
coaster of anxiety with a deep sense of letting go. Being able to
recognize the fear of surrender or the panic of relaxation is the
first step to recovering from the addiction of the this fast paced,
high stress life. Hi, I’m Emilia, and I am a city addict.


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