In Transition

The days are getting longer, but the temperature still dips past freezing at night and a blizzard could descend upon us tomorrow. And while we can’t pack away those winter coats, I do see those ballet slippers poking their bowed toes from behind the well worn uggs.

Yes, it is March, and we are in transition. I feel the urge to jump into spring, wear a light scarf, and play hooky on Fridays. But my mental boost is not matched physically and my body is still in need of rest, not ready to emerge from hibernation.

Now is a good time to tune into the yoga practice and observe the transitions. How does the body move from Warrior one into two? Is the ankle or hip getting caught in the gears of our body as it changes planes? Can we build balancing poses, like artachandrasana and sirsasana, slow, how flowers bloom, so we are not surprised when we notice them bright and full?

We too are part of these seasons, and maybe now, more than ever, is our opportunity, not to curse the month of March, or merely hope and anticipate the spring, but be present, experience it, and be part of it as well.


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