You Got to Work Hard


As a type A New Yorker, I am often challenged with balancing work and play. Even in my yoga practice, I catch myself pushing too hard in simple poses. Some of us are driven by accomplishment and without a real goal in yoga, we tend to set benchmarks (i.e. how long can we stay up in headstand or how far can we twist). If there is any such goal in yoga, it’s to find union between mind and body. But how can we find internal harmony if we are always looking externally for the finish line?

Try to focus on the play, not the work. Starting practice with kapalabatti can clear the body of stale breath and lingering thoughts. Ending with meditation can help transition from the mat into the real world. Let’s all remember that practicing yoga is an amazing effort. That many never try to touch their toes or stand on their hands. Be brave. Be fearless. Like the children we once were who ran down hills and jumped on beds, never risking more than a skinned knee. As we grow older, our knees have become only pride. At least in yoga, we have a mat to soften our fall.


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