Sunrise, Sunrise

Time crept an hour forward last weekend, and life barely seemed to have missed a beat. Monday morning arrived, and the L subway train still ran with delays. There is, however, a general feeling there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Temperatures are expected to climb to the sixties on Thursday, and I am looking forward to tossing gloves on the kitchen table.

In the city, these longer and warmer days often lend themselves to more happy hours and later dinners. Perhaps there is also an opportunity to add a morning yoga class to the new schedule. Most studios offer a class before 10 am, and there are notable advantages to practicing in the morning. Classes are less crowded, and teachers have the chance to provide more detailed attention. Our selves have rejuvenated during the night, so challenging poses, like inversions, may be easier at 8am than they would after a long day of work. Starting the day with some physical activity will jump start the daily calorie burn and likely result in a healthy choices throughout the day. Perhaps a skinny margarita is on deck for happy hour, because after all,  beach season isn’t really that far away. Check out your studio’s schedule and try one morning class weekly, for one month. You may also find that surya namaskars take on a new meaning when practicing with the sun.


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