The Root Canal of Yoga

Each time I enter a hip opening pose, I am shocked to find myself stiff and inflexible. I’ve always thought of myself as loose-hipped, but maybe it was loose-lipped.

It is very possible my psoas and Iliotibial (it) band are partners in a life long battle to keep my legs straight and narrow, despite constantly being told my ankles are “collapsing”, whatever that means. As I type, sitting down, I can feel the tightness in my outer knee causing a sensation, which really means tremendous pain, surging from my waist down. This is a result of an intense Yin Yoga class that embarked on such postures as pigeon, ankle to knee, and frog. Or as I like to call them, the “root canal of yoga.”

Unquestionably the only thing to do today is stay in down dog for the better part of an hour, run on the treadmill, sit in a sauna or get massage. I would like to skip the eight hours waiting for me of sitting in a chair, at a computer, and get all of the above accomplished. Instead, I might just have to do my conference call with my legs up the wall. If I close my door, who will ever know? I might also start taking my meetings on the floor in ankle to knee, just to begin the long journey ahead of  hip opening. At least during a root canal, there’s novocaine.


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