Lighten Up!

It feels like everything is lightening up; colors, jackets, the evening hours. Yet, I still feel some lingering heaviness from the winter. Too many Sunday night lasagnas followed by a stretch of Hallmark holidays, and yes, my basket was filled with delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs this month, delicious! So while one hand is picking fresh asparagus from the market, the other one is still stuck in the cookie jar.

I have noticed my eating habits spinning wildly out of control before and responded immediately by repeating, “I should cleanse. I should cleanse. I should really cleanse.” Friends had done it, so why couldn’t I? The biggest indulgers of burgers, fries, and beer were the same ones who wholeheartedly drank water with maple syrup and lemon juice. But I was afraid. What would I do on my walk home if I wasn’t scarfing down a box of chocolate chip cookies or cheddar cheese crackers after a long day? How would I survive?

With a some research, and a dash of procrastination, I evaluated the menu, then the schedule, and finally the cost of the top cleanses out there. I decided and committed! To do your own research, check out everydayhealth.  Soon, I’ll share the physical, mental, and emotional results of this very intense emotional effort to redefine my relationship to food. Sorry Brent and Sam, we might be taking a break. It’s not you, it’s me. I need to see some other food groups and decide if vegetables and I have a better future together. You weren’t just a fling, or a one night walk through the park. You were special, and my love handles will remember you, but hopefully, not for long.


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